Supporting Small Italian Farmers in Oregon

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

In the hills above Borgonovo in Mezzanego, Italy lies a small agricultural co-op that consists of a few hundred members who are dedicated to producing olive oil, truffle oil, hazelnut products, chestnut flower, honey, cured olives, and polenta. This group of farmers is among the last growing olives, hazelnuts, vegetable crops and others in the traditional way without shortcuts, and guarantee that their customers "can rest assured that they're buying exactly what is stated on the label of the products".

After 20 years working in the US, Tad's friend Mario returned to his home in Liguria and stepped into the management (and laborer) role at the Cooperativa Agricola Rurale Isola di Borgonovo, trying to keep alive and reinvigorate regional food production. Tad visited many times and developed an admiration for these small Italian farmers and the products they produce. Having always had a passion for quality ingredients, Tad worked with Mario to begin importing olive oil, truffle oil, and Misto Chiavari (chocolate hazelnut spread) to the United States.

Now you can enjoy a little bit of Italy and support their small farmers. These artisinal products are available for sale at Ransom's Tasting Room in McMinnville.

About Cooperativa Agricola Rurale Isola di Borgonovo:

The Cooperative was created in July 27, 2005 with the purpose of producing goods and services in the agricultural, wine making, olive-oil, and dairy sectors. It also handles many activities such as the construction and management of farms, mills, a lot of interventions such as the construction and maintenance of public and private green zones, enclosing natural reserves, cleaning rivers, removal waste and any other work aimed to the recycling and protecting of the natural environment. It is also involved in providing training to achieve the goal and improve the quality of productions and a cultural growth of the Coop members through classes and seminars.

If you are interested in distributing the olive oil we import, or interested in purchasing a bottle for yourself, please e-mail:

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