Old Tom Gin featured in Whiskey Advocate's article on Barrel-aged Gin


"One of the first contemporary entries in the aged gin space came from Ransom Spirits, in Sheridan, Oregon. With Ransom’s Old Tom Gin, distiller Tad Seestedt helped resurrect a “lost” style of gin and in the process helped kick off a new wave of the aged gin category. “The idea was initially to replicate the short amount of time that the gin would have historically spent in barrel during transport over land or sea to its final destination. We also realized afterwards that the barrel aging had an obviously pleasant effect on the gin,” says Tad Seestedt.


Ransom’s Old Tom Gin soon became a darling of the craft spirit world, and it opened the door for more craft spirit companies to follow in the aged gin space. "


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Tommy Klus names The Emerald 1865 one of his Top 5 Whiskeys of the Moment

In Imbibe Magazine:


“This new whiskey from Ransom is made from an old Irish mash bill recipe sourced by David Wondrich and re-created by Ransom founder Tad Seedstedt. In the mash bill you have malted and unmalted barley, malted rye and oats. Distilled in direct fire copper Alembic stills and aged three years in new American oak as well as French oak. This whiskey is on the young side and may benefit from a few more years in the barrel, but it drinks very well and I'd be a happy man to have this in my glass. You could call me biased on this one as I’m an Oregonian, but I think Tad knocked it out of the park.”


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Ransom Dry Vermouth scored 94 Points by Wine Enthusiast

"Made from organic wine and mostly organic botanicals, this straw-colored dry vermouth layers notes of golden raisins, citrus peel, cardamom and vanilla on a base of fresh apple and pear. Recommended for classic cocktails, or to sip alongside a cheese plate."


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Henry du Yore's makes Wine Enthusiast's Top 50 Spirits of 2013

“This Bourbon boasts concentrated caramel aroma. Flavors run to caramel and honey, touched with charred oak and allspice notes. It’s plush and rounded in feel. The soft-wax cap is frustratingly hard to open, but luckily, it’s worth the struggle."


93 Points


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