Art Tierce, Manager + Brewer

art on flatbed copy.jpg

Born in San Francisco, and having lived in Santa Rosa as a young boy, Art's love for the vines started while in the back seat looking out the window  on California's HWY 1.  Having moved from Northern California to Las Vegas, he started working in restaurants at a young age.  He began working on the Las Vegas Strip, in world class hotels and restaurants before his 21st birthday.   It was in these early adolescent years that Art would realize his love for wine and remember those memories as a kid in the back seat of the car. 


He's passionate about learning and tasting beverages from all over the world and with the guidance of some great mentors, he wound up in Portland, Oregon.  He shares that his arrival was intentional with the dream of bartending, while working in the wine industry.  His first year in Oregon, I met Tad Seestedt, owner of Ransom, at a tasting for the Oregon Bartenders Guild.  At the time it seemed like a polite encounter, but now he sees it as serendipitous for his career.  Art's time with Ransom has seen us grow, create, and carefully refine our crafts.  From resident mixologist, Koji (brewer), distiller, ambassador, plus the other hats he wears,  he continues to enjoy being surrounded by the things he loves, while doing it with the people he enjoys doing it with most!


When not working Art loves watching soccer, riding bicycles, being a dad, loving his wife, playing with their St. Bernard, cuddling his cat, and cooking.  The simple things enjoyed with refinement would be his motto, so grab a glass and let’s share some laughs.  


These days Art's favorite Ransom products are the gins, the whiskies, the white wines, the red wines, and the Frizzante!  I guess what he's saying is he love them all.